How to Save Money on Virginia Auto Insurance

Drivers in Virginia are required by law to carry minimum amounts of liability insurance coverage on their vehicles at all times. A 25/50/25 policy is considered satisfactory for state laws, although these minimal amounts can be upped for added protection. It is risky to drive without auto insurance and is a crime that could lead to fines, loss of vehicle registration, and other problems. Do not drive without auto insurance. Instead, find the best ways to save money on a policy and put those techniques to work. Some of the best ways to save money on your coverage:

1- Request auto insurance quotes Woodbridge VA from three to four (or more) insurers. Compare these quotes with one another to discover where the lowest rates for coverage are found. This is easy to do online or by phone.

auto insurance quotes Woodbridge VA

2- Maintain a safe driving record. Every infraction on your record causes points to be added to your driving record. These points cause an increase in the costs of your coverage amounts. Don’t be taken for a ride when it is time to get your coverage!

3- Ask for discounts from the insurance agency. Insurance companies are notorious for offering discounts, so be sure that you ask about them. Multi-policy discounts, those for safe drivers, and many others cut the costs of your coverage by 30% or more.

4- If you are a safe driver, increase your deductible amount. This puts more risk on your shoulders if an accident does occur, though it considerably reduces the costs of coverage.

5- Credit score is oftentimes used to determine your auto insurance rates. To keep costs down, maintain a good credit score! Your credit report has always been important and now, it is even more important to maintain.