A Dented Car Is Not Really Funny, But


There’s no other horror like finding a big, ugly dent that someone left on your car, and no other sinking feeling like having to pay to fix it.  In paintless dent removal, St. Louis no doubt has its share of heart-wrenching car dent stories.  A funny fictional one comes from classic television.

paintless dent removal, St. Louis

In the All in the Family episode “Edith’s Accident” (1971), Edith must explain to Archie how she dented someone’s car-in her uniquely funny way.  She tells Archie about being in a supermarket parking lot with a can of “cling peaches in heavy syrup” in her shopping bag, and stopping to admire someone’s baby.  Her gesture of delight at the infant made her lose her grip on the bag, from which the can of cling peaches flew out and left a big dent on the car beside her.  Archie, impatient as always with his “dingbat” wife, grew tired of hearing the words “cling peaches” and forbade her to repeat them.  Edith had to muffle the forbidden phrase to finish her story.  This led to the howlingly funny account of Edith denting someone’s car with a can of “mmm-HMM-hmm,” which of course left the audience almost limp from laughing while Archie squirmed and cringed.

Your own car dent story may not be nearly as funny as Edith’s, but if you ever find that kind of damage on your vehicle, paintless dent removal may be your best and least expensive option.  Paintless dent removal gently pushes, pulls, and massages the dent from your car without using paint or filler, you don’t have to leave your car at the shop for 24 hours.  You can do it cheaply and have no trouble matching the shade of paint.  Whatever it is that damaged your four-wheeled pride and joy, consider paintless dent removal to make it right.